about us

hey folks, i’m libby, the maker behind the handmade shop, oh, little wren.

i love making things. i’m fairly certain it’s an obsession. creating tangible items, things that you can hold in your hands, that invoke memories and inspire joy–that is what i love to do. most of my items are wooden, crafted in my own basement shop with the help of my trusty laser cutter. i’m known for my folksy details, nature themed work and for putting flowers on just about anything–including beetles. my two daughters–margot and eloise–are my forever favorites and a limitless source of inspiration. they can be found most days, working alongside me, painting all of my scrap bits and gluing them onto cardboard box works of art. they have helped refine my sense of whimsy over the years, and making toys, games and puzzles for them is my greatest joy.

my background is as an aerospace engineer and educator, and i love that these experiences shine through in my work. i like to think of new products and designs as tiny problems to solve–from finding the perfect materials and processes, to tweaking the packaging until it’s just right. now that i’m five years into this small business journey, i’m only just beginning to see myself as an artist, rather than as an engineer who makes things. this growth is largely due to the amazing community of makers and small shop supporters that i’ve connected with. i’m forever grateful to them for always encouraging me and helping me to grow as an artist. because of this support oh, little wren has a vast and varied body of work that i’m proud to look back on, and i’m very excited to make the next five years just as full of whimsy and growth and community.

in this shop you'll find so many things, created to bring more beauty in your everyday life--from magnets and keychains to art prints and t-shirts. we also have a passion for marking milestones and nurturing family  traditions, and our custom laser-cut ornaments and tags are perfect for just that. be sure to check out our christmas ornaments, easter tags, and word of the year cards, to name a few!